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Hemp Body Butter
Hemp Body Butter
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About Sylvvage


Discover 3 Secrects of Sylvvage


1. Food for your skin

Come with us to experience the world of true skin care, where everything you feed your skin with is edible, organic, biodynamic and ultra-natural.

2. Glorious skin with no make-up

A jar of plenty for a healthy and glowing skin. Filled with the most vitamin-rich herbs, blossoms, fruit and vegetables. All bursting with energy.


3. Freshness

Would you believe that SYLVVAGE cosmetics should be kept in your fridge as opposed to the dressing table and used within 3 months? This is because they have been made with absolutely no preservatives or water.



About Sylvvage Natural Spa


Warm welcome to everyone valuing gifts of nature closed in a jar abundant in only the freshest herbs, flowers and vegetables.
I hope to win your trust in discovering the real beauty that stems from nature itself.

My story begins in 2005 when I opened my beauty salon and became fascinated with techniques of appropriate skin care.

I directed my focus at finding the best specialist cosmetics for home-based skin care, what overwhelmingly contributes to the success of healthy and glowing skin.

Over time, my clients’ awareness of healthy lifestyle has begun to raise opening them up to such topics as the HEALING POWER OF PLANTS.

This is when three wonderful women crossed my path – Joanna, Monika and Marta.

Just like I they are passionate about eco-friendly and natural ways for caring for skin.

We combined the resources of our eco-plantations with biochemical knowledge and women’s everyday problems to create the first formula of Sylvvage
Natural Spa cosmetics.

Cold-pressed oils produced daily and herbs picked in accordance with the moon phases are the greatest source of active substances.

An organic farm in Podlasie – a picturesque region of Poland, is the home of all of our cosmetic and oil ingredients.

In an effort to achieve only the highest effectiveness of products, we carefully selected glass bottles with short expiry dates.

The farm where our raw materials come from is a magical place filled with the scent of nature, energy and love for fields of herbs, woodlands and gardens.

The farm has its own oil press.

As a result, I am able to offer you only the freshest and organic food for your skin.

Each and every product is absolutely unique and EDIBLE.

Discover the WORLD OF TRUE SKIN CARE, where everything you feed your skin with is organic, biodynamic and ultra-natural.

Happy shopping and remember - there has been no better invention than NATURE.

Welcome to Sylvvage! Discover true beauty originating from organic cultivation. ULTRA-NATURAL INGREDIENTS WITHIN YOUR REACH.





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